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An increasingly rare experience for me: the discovery of a wonderful new writer (new to me, at least, not new to fandom) jat_sapphire. If you want more of what I want i.e. mature, elegant, subtle, sexy writing, please go and check out this writer at Archive of Our Own, you won't be sorry.

That Look: awarrington (Amanda Warrington)

Yet *another* great humdinger of a read and a great action-packed story! I first read this a few years ago at The Automated Hatstand but thankfully the author, awarrington, posted it at Archive of our Own:


My Time: Pale Rider (Boothros)

*What* an incredible read this was! A classic in its own lunch hour and one story I won't forget in a hurry. This writer really knows how to tell a story and excels herself in her account of Ray Doyle's life in prison after being convicted of Coogan's (The Rack) murder. There are very few stories I feel I can't put down but this was one of them. Please go read, your eyes will be opened to life behind bars.


Endlessly by FJBryan

Once more I feel I must share my enjoyment of a recently read story and, in the wake of the Big Bang, for Pros writing in general. Endlessly by FJBryan is a beautifully written story, romantic in a very subtle way and almost hypnotic or seductive(?)(not sure what word I'm looking for) in its delivery. The big surprise to me is the fact that I hadn't read it before. So, if you haven't read it (or even if you have) please treat yourself and follow the link:


Into the Fire by Callisto

Written for the first Big Bang in 2010 this is definitely one of my favourite stories by this writer and I'd stick my neck out and say it's one of the best she's written. A story-length example of 'show' not 'tell', for those of you who don't want the writer to catalogue the bleedin' obvious but prefer to allow your imagination to roam a little. And the hospital scene with Bodie, Doyle and Doyle's girlfriend is one of the best scenes I've read in any story.


The Blue Figurine:Courtney Gray

I'd quite forgotten how much I enjoy Courtney Gray's stories and I was amazed and pleased to realise that I hadn't even read The Blue Figurine before. What a wonderful tale it was and I absolutely loved it. I'm very lucky, lately I've found quite a few Pros stories which I either haven't read or I read so long ago that they seem new to me, or at least unfamiliar, and many of those stories have turned out to be real page turners - stories which I look forward to returning to, dieing to know what's happened to our characters - Blue figurine is one of those.

The Blue Figurine:Courtney Gray

One Summer: Slantedlight

One of those (fairly rare for me) stories which I really didn't want to finish, looked forward to returning to it every day and which I absolutely loved. (Just one thing to note: please don't read the context in which it was written until you finish it.) It was long and at times went in quite unexpected but totally acceptable directions which I think is quite unusual for this writer. A perfect combination of subtle eroticism, sexy, lots of adventure, intrigue etc and I can't recommend it too highly.
I enjoyed this story. The world suffers a major blackout with people experiencing their own visions of the future, and those who do not conclude that they don't have a future. Among the latter group is Bodie.....

Simple Twist of Fate:Sarah K
Worms: I love all the stories by this writer and this is a favourite. I love the first section which finds Bodie and Doyle lonely, estranged and missing both CI5 and each other and thus feeling bereft and isolated: Doyle desperately trying to believe what Bodie believes and Bodie's grief, growing self-doubt but determination and loyalty in keeping faith with his belief. And the part played by Elizabeth Walsh.

I can't believe I've never read Face Value before - a good, engrossing piece of writing. Bodie is quite different here and for a long time I couldn't quite make him out.....I loved the scenes and references to the rather mysterious and unsettling Bethany. The writer linked this character with various canon aspects of Bodie's past in Africa and I think it worked well. Both stories are at The Circuit Archive.

And just thinking how good this writer is with original characters e.g. there are one or two excellent OC's in Arabian Nights and the above mentioned Bethany in Face Value. And in Worms she brings to life and utilises to great effect the canon character of Elizabeth Walsh from Spy Probe.